mb-brian-flanagan-15-BWBrian is an Irish songwriter, composer, vocalist, musician and poet. He has worked with artists from diverse musical backgrounds such as Michael Flatley, Nadine Coyle, Eric Bibb, Nathan Carter, Finbar Furey, Brian Kennedy and Sharon Shannon.

Brian is renowned for his ability to write to order, emotionally charged pieces that are immediately engaging. He scored a Christmas top 10 for Síle Seoige & Friends in 2014 with ‘Maybe This Christmas’ and has 4 iTunes no 1 tracks to his name.

He is regarded as one of the most talented writers in Ireland which has been verified by those he has worked with.

As a singer songwriter he has  2 critically acclaimed albums Going Back & Dreaming Road to his name Folk Blues Legend Eric Bibb.  Quotes:

Brian has got a truly wonderful voice, he can really grab hold of a song and take it to the top.” – Eric Bibb- Gospel/Folk/Blues Legend

Flanagan’s grasp of structure and internal rhyme is head and shoulders above most of his contemporaries – The Irish Times